Fuji SMBE Group leads the field in independent EMR assurance.

World class health and safety assurance is a top priority with leading manufacturers of low-voltage switchboards. The SMBE Group has become one of the first in Australia to independently verify its iNTELECT™ G3 switchboard’s low level of electro-magnetic radiation emissions (EMR). Read the clear and concise findings of the NATA-accredited Electrical Testing Company Pty Ltd into engineering to achieve top industry standards and compliance with ARPANSA EMR guidelines.

What's best to futureproof your building - welded or bolted modular switchboards?

There are different schools of thought about whether modular switchboard installations should be welded or bolted together for optimum durability and adaptability to change as the uses of buildings change more frequently than ever before. The SMBE Group has broad expertise in both types. Here we checklist the considerations that building owners and facility managers must focus on when deciding how to equip their asset to respond flexibly to future needs.

Fuji SMBE Macquarie designs and manufactures electrical switchboards to AS/NZS 61439